Veterinary Medical Referral Service

P.O. Box 65061
University Place, WA 98464


For 20 years Veterinary Medical Referral Clinic has been providing consultations, diagnostics and medical therapy for cats and dogs with cancer and other medical problems.  After years of sharing space in other facilities we are excited to be able to provide our services to you in our own dedicated clinic.

We have completely remodeled a building to provide personalized service and care that is important for the clients and patients we serve.  We have purchased new technical equipment such as a new updated ultrasound machine and digital radiography which allows for more rapid acquisition of x-rays with less radiation exposure to your pet. We are also cat friendly with a dedicated feline exam room to help keep your kitty calm.

To take better care of you and your pets in a holistic way, green products including no-VOC paints and linoleum flooring were used to decrease exposure to chemicals as much as possible.  We have removed barriers to patients (and clients) with mobility limitations.

To celebrate the move to our own building and to reflect our commitment to the South Puget Sound community we are also changing our name to Commencement Bay Animal Hospital.
We are proud supporters of Pets For Patriots. Click the link below to learn more!

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Together with your family veterinarian, we enhance the health and well being of your pet while providing the same compassion we would give our own.