Veterinary Medical Referral Service

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Anesthesia is often necessary when working with animals.  Our technicians have extensive training and experience monitoring a patient under the effects of anesthesia and sedation.  State of the art monitoring equipment allows the technician to accurately maintain the lightest plane of anesthesia necessary to complete our diagnostics.

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The anesthetic machine itself is the first requirement to ensure successful anesthesia.  It is kept in good working order with daily controls as well as routine service by certified technicians.  Our multi-parameter monitor enables us to monitor EKG, Blood Pressure and Temperature. 

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Constant evaluation of the patient's respiration is another vital sign monitored closely.  It is often necessary for a patient to be on intravenous fluids during a procedure.  Specialized fluid pumps help monitor the rate at which the fluids are given and the total volume administered.  Monitoring of vital signs during recovery is another crucial aspect of anesthesia.  This is just a sample of the equipment used to ensure the safety of each and every patient.