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Annie is a lady with a past. We just don't know much about it. She was abandoned at a shelter with only her name for information about her first 6 years. She was overweight, matted and forlorn. She could not wag her tail because it was tangled tight into the fur on her legs.

 Annie's luck turned. She was fostered by a loving, experienced rescue family in Hayden Lake, Idaho. She was bathed and groomed. Her manners were quickly evident. Someone had trained her. She knew some commands.

She was adopted by another loving family. When we brought her home, the diamond began to emerge from the rough.

Annie plays, she teases, she romps. She tosses her toys and carried them proudly around the house. She is gaining confidence. She behaves herself at the beauty parlor and at the boarding kennel. She encounters her new suburban environment with growing skill. Her rural roots still show; she is not even remotely startled by hearing the coyotes call from the nearby state park.

Annie brightens our home. She guards it and hurries home to it after each walk. We get to know her better every day.