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Hi, my name is Courage and I am a maltepoo. I was born in Sydney, Australia but moved to Olympia, WA when I was just 10 months old. All the other dogs said I talked funny for awhile, but I think I fit in now.

My mum tells me I live up to my name because I've been pretty sick for a few years. Dr. Comer and her staff have saved my life many time, as I've suffered with my ongoing immune-mediated blood issues and now I have heart problems too. But I am happy and full of energy and sprit and I never, ever give in. I love to play soccer with my big ball, play keep-away with my frisbee and throw my bear around. I'm good at high-fives abd swimming, although not as good as my brother Max the labradoodle. But that's just because he has longer legs than I do.

My mum says I'm the best dog in the entire world at taking my pills and getting my shots. My job is barking under the tree at the squirrels. It's hard work but someone has to keep them in line, or they just steal the bird food.

Dr. Comer and her staff are very kind to me and they're always there for me. I am so thankful for their care and constant vigil over me. I love them because they always make a big fuss of me when I visit and because they are very gentle with the blood tests. The biscuits and colored bandages are really nice too and they're careful never to give me pink because I'm a boy.

I even inspired a my mum to share my story with more people. You can read about me on a Kindle™ book, "Tales of Courage, a Brave Little Dog" (