Veterinary Medical Referral Service

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University Place, WA 98464



Obtaining laboratory samples is large part of internal medicine, and is necessary to reach a diagnosis.  These samples may be blood, cells aspirated from a tumor or organ, or small pieces of tissue to submit for biopsy.  Some of these samples can be analyzed by the veterinary technician at our in house lab.  Other samples need preparation to be sent to an outside lab. 

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Tests such as a CBC, Chemistry Profile, Urinalysis, and certain cytology can be performed immediately using our in-house suite.  There are specialized stains and equipment to perform these tests.  This technology helps us achieve accurate results more quickly than sending the sample out to a laboratory.  Our technicians are extremely skilled in evaluating normal and abnormal cells found in various medical conditions, such as cancer.  Oftentimes, repeating tests is necessary to evaluate changes in a patient's condition or response to therapy.  If you have questions about any tests, please ask a staff member at any time.

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