Veterinary Medical Referral Service

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Preparing your clients for visiting our hospital...

Taking a pet to a specialist can be a time of great anxiety for a client.  Not knowing what to expect and the severity of the medical problem contributes to this level of anxiety.  We would like to help your client feel more at ease.  It may help to know what a referral for an internal medicine consultation entails. 

As an example, a patient being sent for an ultrasound will receive more than just the ultrasound.  First they will be scheduled for the Initial Exam.  Dr. Comer will review your records, lab reports and radiographs, then perform a thorough physical exam and discuss a treatment plan with the client.  They will receive a detailed estimate of any procedures that are recommended.  From there we will proceed as the client wishes.  Most ultrasounds can be done without anesthesia.  However, depending what type of sampling is indicated, anesthetic may be required.  If this is the case, an IV Catheter and fluids will be placed for anesthesia and recovery.  Dr. Comer will review cytology/biopsy results when they come back from the lab and discuss treatment options and implementation. 

As you can see, a referral includes an exam, diagnostics, medical recommendations and treatment.  As patients vary, so can the fees.  It is often difficult to give an estimate for these procedures until the patient's medical history is reviewed and the Initial Exam has taken place.  Please have the client contact us if they have concerns regarding any recommended diagnostics.
When the client calls to schedule an appointment they will be given information how to prepare their pet for the appointment. 

Please let us know if you have additional questions.